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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance


You can insure

Your vehicle:

- a car;

- a motorcycle;

- a caravan vehicle and camper, a baggage trailer;

- a vehicle with a small capacity (up to 1 tonne), a hauler, a truck and special vehicle, a cargo and passenger vehicle, and a trailer and/semitrailer for the aforementioned vehicles;

- a minibus, a bus.

By separate arrangement the following additional equipment not included in the category of vehicle furnishing equipment can be insured: acoustic systems, car audio systems, CD players, external antennas, speaker systems, TV sets with the relevant devices, alarm systems, antitheft devices, tachometers, car telephones, external baggage compartments, hooks, video recorders, etc.

Risks insured

- road accidents (collision, bumping, tip-over, fall down, etc.);

- vehicle theft;

- theft of main joints and parts and of additional equipment;

- unlawful actions of third parties, whether intentional or through negligence, which lead to vehicle damage;

- fire, explosion, self-ignition;

- falling of stones and other items;

- natural disasters such as earthquakes, lightning, strong wind, hail, heavy rain, heavy snowfall, high water level, rising groundwater, avalanches, landslides.


Main insurance conditions and discount system

An insurance contract may be concluded for a term of one month to one year inclusively. Payments under a concluded insurance contract may be made both in Belarusian roubles and in a foreign currency.  

The amount of insurance premiums is established by ERGO specialists for each individual case and depends on the following:

- vehicle type (for example, car, motorcycle, etc.);
- vehicle make and model (for example, BMW 520, Yamaha R1, etc.);
- territory of use of the vehicle and of validity of the insurance contract (Republic of Belarus, CIS countries, Europe);
- term of the contract (for example, 6 months, 1 year, etc.);
- other factors (year of manufacture, availability of antitheft systems, conditions of storage at night).

When concluding a contract for a one-year term the insurance premium may be paid as a lump sum or in instalments (in two instalments, on a quarterly basis). 

We offer clients a flexible discount system, whereby the granted discounts depend on the quantity of vehicles insured, on the availability of contracts regarding other types of insurance concluded with our company, on the conditions of purchase of the relevant vehicle (loan, leasing) and on the duration of accident-free term of insurance.

Conclusion of an insurance contract

An insurance contract is concluded based on a written application - the printable version of the written application form (in order to view documents in the PDF format you need  Adobe Reader installed on your system (download the latest version)).

A concluded contract comes into force upon inspection of the vehicle by an ERGO specialist and crediting of the insurance premium (or part thereof) to an ERGO's bank account. An insurance contract is concluded by the procedure of issuing an insurance policy. 

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