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Construction All Risks Insurance

Construction All Risks Insurance


You can insure

The property interests related to the loss or damage to property, which is the subject or a means of handling construction and assembly works:

- construction and assembly projects,
- temporary works,
- construction technology,

as well as property interests related to the cost of rearrangement of the place of insurance after the insurance event.

In addition, the property used in construction and assembly works, can be insured as well:

- construction technology, erecting equipment,
- auxiliary (temporary) structures, utility rooms and engineering services,
- vehicles.

You can insure against

- fire, lightning, explosion, fall of manned aircraft,
- disaster:

a) squall, tornado, hurricane, wind eddy, storm;

b) hail, downpour, heavy rain, heavy snow;

c) earthquake, devolution, landslide, yielding, and soil subsidence;

d) flood, flooding, overflow, discharge of subsurface water.

- improper or unintentional actions of third parties,
- emergency situation at the construction and assembly site, more specifically:

a) fall of the insured objects;

b) short circuit, overload of electric mains, supply voltage interruption or overvoltage, insulation damage;

- vehicle crash or their bumping into other objects when moving around the construction and assembly site;
- temporary or permanent water distribution, heat, steam and air pressure supply systems, and sewage faults, and invasion of water from nearby premises.

The insurance object may be insured against all risks as well as against one or group of risks listed above.

Principal Insurance Conditions

You can insure all or part of the property located at the construction (assembly) site.

The insurance contract is being made for any length of time within the period of construction and assembly works (the minimum term is one month).

How to conclude an insurance agreement

An insurance agreement is concluded on the basis of a written application - the printable version of the written application form (in order to view documents in Russian in the PDF format you need  Adobe Reader installed on your system (download the latest version)).

To the insurance application one must add the inventory of insurable property including specific objects, insurance value and amount of coverage. The inventory of property is to be made in two copies, signed by the Director and Chief Accountant, and sealed by the Insured.

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