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Insurance while travelling abroad

Insurance while travelling abroad


You can insure

Pecuniary interests with regard to damage to your life and health or damage to the life and health of your relatives (for example, children, spouse, parents, etc.) as a result of an illness or accident that occurred while being abroad in the countries specified in the insurance policy.

 Risks insured

  • - damage to health


  • - death as a result of an accident or illness while on a trip abroad, which occurred during the term of the relevant insurance contract.

ERGO compensates

The costs of provision of urgent medical aid, which incurred a as result of an accident or illness, namely:

Costs of provision of urgent medical aid, medical transportation, evacuation:

  • - costs of urgent medical aid transportation services without limitations on the type of transportation;
  • - costs of placement in a inpatient hospital (ward and catering);
  • - costs of placement in an intensive care department;
  • - costs of surgical treatment;
  • - costs of prescribed medicines, wound and cut management materials and accessory measures which are required for the first time as a result of an accident or illness that occurred during the term of the relevant insurance contract;
  • - costs of outpatient consultations and services and inpatient consultations;
  • - costs of roentgen, radio, isotope, magnetic resonance and other types of diagnostics;
  • - costs of laboratory services;
  • - costs of treatment related to the relief of acute toothache in the amount of up to USD 200 (inclusively);  
  • - costs of required transportation to and from the nearest healthcare establishment or physician;
  • - costs of required transportation to the place of permanent residence if due to medical reasons the insured person must be transported home for continuation of inpatient treatment.  

Repatriation costs:

costs of transportation of the body in case of death to the place of former permanent residence, including preparation of the body and purchase of the necessary items for international transportation or costs of burying abroad.  

Costs of telecommunications with our company or our representatives abroad.  

Costs of travel and lodging for persons accompanying the insured person due to his/her hospitalisation 

If a person insured by our company is hospitalised for a period exceeding seven days and the attending physician recommends care by an accompanying person of the insured person, ERGO will pay out to the insured person's relative or person accompanying the insured person a two-way air or train ticket provided that none of the adult members of the insured person's family accompanied the insured person on his/her trip. Furthermore, the company will pay the documented substantiated costs of lodging of the accompanying person in the amount of up to USD 70 per day, but no more than USD 350 for the entire period. 

Main insurance conditions

The amount of the sum insured is set by agreement of the parties in Euros or in US dollars.

An insurance contract may be concluded for a term of three days to one year inclusively. Payments under a concluded insurance contract may be made both in Belarusian roubles and in a foreign currency.  

When insuring a group of persons going abroad an insurance policy may be issued both to each member of the group or to the entire group with an attached list of the insured persons verified by the insured and the insurer and an indication of the sum insured per insured person and of the total sum insured under the insurance contract.  

Conclusion of an insurance contract 

An insurance contract is concluded by the procedure of issuing of an insurance policy which comes into force from the moment of crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus.   

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