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Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance


You can insure

The transported cargo during the period of transportation thereof by any type of transport: transportation by road, air, water, railway, combined transportation. 

Risks insured

All types of risks that might lead to damage or complete loss of the entire cargo or a part thereof. 

Main insurance conditions

An insurance contract may be concluded both for the term of a single instance of cargo transportation and for transportation of different lots of similar cargo during a certain term (quarter, navigation, year). 

The amount of insurance premiums is established by ERGO specialists for each individual client and depends on the following:
- the amount of the sum insured;
- type of cargo transportation;
- geographical area of transportation;
- goods type of the transported cargo.

When concluding a contract for a one-year term, the insurance premium may be paid as a lump sum or in instalments (in two instalments, on a quarterly basis).

The amount of the sum insured is set by agreement of the parties in a foreign currency or in Belarusian roubles within the limits of the actual value of the cargo being insured. 

Conclusion of an insurance contract

An insurance contract is concluded based on a written application - the printable version of the written application form (in order to view documents in Russian in the PDF format you need  Adobe Reader installed on your system (download the latest version)). 

Where needed, inspection of the cargo is carried out and a list is made based on the relevant transportation documents proving the availability and value of the cargo.

A concluded contract comes into force on the date specified in the written application regarding insurance, but not earlier than from the moment of crediting of the insurance premium (or part thereof) to an ERGO's bank account. An insurance contract is concluded by the procedure of issuing an insurance policy.

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