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Insurance of Civil Liability for Damage Caused as a Result of Professional Activity

Insurance of Civil Liability for Damage Caused as a Result of Professional Activity


You can insure

Your pecuniary interests with regard to liability for obligations arising as a result of causing damage to the life, health or property of third parties while carrying out your professional activity. 

Risks insured

Causing damage to the life, health or property of third persons, if such damage is caused as a result of errors and/or omissions committed by a person whose liability has been insured:

For notaries: erroneous verification of transactions, erroneous verification of trueness of copies and extracts therefrom, of trueness of signatures in documents, of correctness of translations of documents from one language to another, erroneous verification of the fact that a citizen is alive and/or is at a certain location and erroneous execution of executive notes and bill protests.

For customs agents: the damage caused to a represented person as a result of any errors committed when carrying out transactions regarding preparation of customs documents and other agency functions as assigned by the represented person.

For insurance brokers: errors when carrying out and documenting a transaction and other risks that may lead to financial damage.

For physicians of all specialisations and for lower-grade medical personnel:

- diagnostics errors;
- treatment errors;
- medicine prescription errors;
- surgical treatment errors;
- patient care errors.

For hairdressers, pedicure and manicure specialists: causing of bodily injuries and damage to the life and health of third parties.

For engineers undertaking designing and surveying and for architects:

- errors and omissions when drawing up plans, specifications and project documentation;
- omissions committed when carrying out field supervision of construction and assembly works;
errors committed due to erroneous selection of design loads, rules and norms of designing.

Main insurance conditions

An insurance contract may be concluded for a term of one to 12 months inclusively.

The amount of insurance premiums is established by ERGO specialists for each individual client.

When concluding a contract for a one-year term the insurance premium may be paid as a lump sum or in instalments (in two instalments, on a quarterly basis). 

Conclusion of an insurance contract 

An insurance contract is concluded based on a written application - the printable version of the written application form  (to view documents in the PDF format you need  Adobe Reader installed on your system (download the latest version)). 

A concluded contract comes into force on the date specified in the written application regarding insurance, but not earlier than from the moment of crediting of the insurance premium (or part thereof) to an ERGO's bank account. An insurance contract is concluded by the procedure of issuing an insurance policy.

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