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Household Insurance

Household Insurance


You can insure

  • - audio, TV and video equipment, household appliances, office equipment and other electronic equipment and electrical devices;
  • - musical instruments, measuring and optical equipment;
  • - household furnishing and interior items (furniture, lighting equipment, etc.);
  • - collections, paintings, other artworks, unique and antique items and jewellery made from precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones and gems;
  • - personal use items (clothing, footwear, dishware, etc.);
  • - recreation and sports items (bicycle, skis, canoe, etc.);
  • - woodwork, bench-work, and other household equipment;
  • - construction materials;
  • - property located in summerhouses/cottages and finishing elements and equipment thereof;
  • - property administered under lease or rental agreements.

You may insure either all household property or a part of it at your choice.

Risks insured

  • - direct impact of flame due to fire, gas explosion, stroke of lightning and abnormal impact of electrical power;  
  • - damage by water as a result of water supply, heating and sewage system emergencies and water leaks from neighbouring premises;
  • - unlawful actions of third parties (theft, burglary, plunder, arson, blasting, hooliganism, vandalism);
  • - natural disasters (storm, whirlwind, heavy rain, hail, heavy snowfall, flood, rising groundwater, soil subsidence).

Main insurance conditions

An insurance contract may be concluded for a term of one month to one year inclusively. Payments under a concluded insurance contract may be made both in Belarusian roubles and in a foreign currency.  

The amount of insurance premiums is established by ERGO specialists for each individual case and depends on the following:

  • - value of the household property in question (when insuring in accordance with a property list);
  • - type of structure in which the property in question is located (for example apartment, house, garage, etc.);
  • - term of the contract (for example 6 months, 1 year, etc.);
  • - availability of earlier insurance contracts;
  • - conditions of security assurance.

When concluding a contract for a one-year term, the insurance premium may be paid as a lump sum, in two instalments or on a quarterly basis. 

Conclusion of an insurance contract

An insurance contract is concluded based on a written application - the printable version of the written application form (in order to view the documents in Russian in the PDF format you need  Adobe Reader installed on your system (download the latest version)). 

A concluded contract comes into force on the date specified in the written application regarding insurance, but not earlier than from the moment of crediting of the insurance premium (or part thereof) to an ERGO's bank account. An insurance contract is concluded by the procedure of issuing an insurance policy. 

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