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Luggage Insurance

Luggage Insurance


You can insure

your own property interests related to the loss or damage to the luggage or delay upon its delivery.

You can insure against

  • - loss or damage to the luggage during its storage by the transportation organization, company providing the settlement services, or luggage protection service, which occurred because of:

o natural disasters: storm, flood, inundation, earthquake, hurricane, landslide, etc.;

o fire, lightning, explosion, fire extinguishing measures;

o improper actions of third parties;

o road traffic accidents involving the traveller.

  • - expenses in an amount not exceeding EUR 175 (or its equivalent) caused by delay of the luggage arrival and dispensing for more than six hours irrespective of causes of the delay, and lack of opportunities to receive the luggage on the day of its arrival.

Principal Insurance Conditions

The insurance contract can be concluded for the period of one month to one year, inclusive. Payments under the insurance contract can be made both in Belarusian roubles and foreign currency.

Conclusion of Insurance Contract

An insurance contract is concluded based on a written application - the printable version of the written application form (in order to view documents in Russian in the PDF format, you need Adobe Reader installed on your system (download the latest version)).

The insurance contract is being concluded by issuance of insurance policy, which comes into operation from the date of crossing the State Border of the Republic of Belarus.

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