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For Legal Entities

One of the key tasks of heads of administration of companies is the finding of best solutions and ways to balance risks and opportunities. Heads of administration must ensure that any obstacles to a successful company operation are minimised. Yet many companies encounter various difficulties which have a negative impact on their productivity and profitability. That's why you need professional insurance services. 

ERGO Joint Stock Insurance Company offers the following main types of insurance for legal entities:

Страхование транспорта Motor Vehicle Insurance

The civil liability of your company as an owner of vehicles has already been insured, since the enforced legislation obligates you to do so. If your company's driver causes damage to third parties while driving, the insurance company will pay an indemnity to the injured party. But who will compensate you for the losses in this case? What if your company's vehicles get damaged during a storm or are stolen? Compulsory insurance will not cover such unforeseen costs of your company. Furthermore, it…


Страхование имущества Property Insurance

Any type of activity implies certain risks, regardless of whether you work in the production, commerce, cargo transportation, or other sectors. Events such as thefts, fire, emergencies or natural disasters may interfere with the profitable development of your business and change your future plans.   Companies' property insurance can ensure your financial security. In order that no unforeseen event will interfere with the success of your business, we offer our services of property insurance and cargo insurance.


Страхование ответственности Liability Insurance

When carrying out business activities all legal entities assume certain responsibilities not only with regard to their employees and shareholders, but also with regard to their clients and the general public. What will you do if your client loses all his property as a result of your erroneous decision or as a result of your employee's fault? Any mistake committed by your employees may lead to considerable financial losses for your business for one simple reason - you will have to compensate for…


Страхование здоровья Health Insurance

  Every employer must pay maximum attention to its employees' safety and health, because the company's success to a large extent depends on the well-being of the employees. When an employee suffers from an accident, the company suffers as well, as it has to substitute the employee who lost his or her capability to work.   Accident insurance and insurance while travelling abroad for employees will not only protect your company from a number of problems upon occurrence of an accident or sudden illness…


Страхование предпринимательских рисков Entrepreneurship Risk Insurance

Nearly all microeconomic textbooks state that all relations between business partners must be based on mutual understanding and trust, and be mutually profitable. If this was the case in real life, there would hardly be any disputes between business partners and the number of companies going bankrupt would be lower. Unfortunately, failure to deliver goods, to complete works, to pay for the provided goods or services, and other violations of contractual obligations on the part of partners do happen…


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