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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

The civil liability of your company as an owner of vehicles has already been insured, since the enforced legislation obligates you to do so. If your company's driver causes damage to third parties while driving, the insurance company will pay an indemnity to the injured party. But who will compensate you for the losses in this case? What if your company's vehicles get damaged during a storm or are stolen? Compulsory insurance will not cover such unforeseen costs of your company. Furthermore, it goes without saying that you need to use your vehicles for your company's activities.


If you decide to take out risks insurance and insure your vehicles, our specialists will find the best solution for your company

Motor Vehicle Insurance Motor Vehicle Insurance

You can insure Your vehicle: - a car; - a motorcycle; - a caravan vehicle and camper, a baggage trailer; - a vehicle with a small capacity (up to 1 tonne), a hauler, a truck and special vehicle, a cargo and passenger vehicle, and a trailer and/semitrailer for the aforementioned vehicles; - a minibus, a bus. By separate arrangement the following additional equipment not included in the category of vehicle furnishing equipment can be insured: acoustic systems, car audio systems, CD players, external…


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