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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance


Even the most experienced driver cannot always be sure that he or she will reach the point of destination and will never experience any accident. Sometimes accidents can happen even as a result of a dispute between passengers or an attempt to change a tape in the stereo system while driving.  

You should also bear in mind that there are a lot of inexperienced and careless drivers who may damage your vehicle. And in case of theft, burglary or falling trees you may lose your vehicle.

We offer you a high-quality and reliable way for avoiding any financial consequences of virtually any accident involving your vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Insurance Motor Vehicle Insurance

You can insure Your vehicle: - a car; - a motorcycle; - a caravan vehicle and camper, a baggage trailer; - a vehicle with a small capacity (up to 1 tonne), a hauler, a truck and special vehicle, a cargo and passenger vehicle, and a trailer and/semitrailer for the aforementioned vehicles; - a minibus, a bus. By separate arrangement the following additional equipment not included in the category of vehicle furnishing equipment can be insured: acoustic systems, car audio systems, CD…


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