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Property Insurance

Property Insurance


You spend lots of energy and resources to create your home and make it a pleasant environment for yourself and your loved ones, but did you ever think that it may be destroyed in just a few minutes? A sudden storm may damage the roof of the building, a water leak from the apartment above yours may occur, or your home may be visited by burglars while you are away... Everyone attempts to protect his or her home from all risks, yet events such as storms, hail, lightning, floods, etc. are impossible to foresee. That's why the best way to protect your property is to take out insurance. In order no unforeseen event will become an unbearable load for you, we offer natural persons' building insurance and household insurance.


Natural Persons’ Building Insurance Natural Persons’ Building Insurance

You can insure  - residential houses, garden houses; - privatised apartments with the available external and internal finishing; - structures in populated localities used as summerhouses; - garages and other household outbuildings.   Risks insured - natural disasters (storm, heavy rain, hail, heavy snowfall, rising groundwater, soil subsidence, etc.);   - accidents (fire, gas explosion, lightning, heating system emergencies, water supply and sewage system emergencies, falling of…


Household Insurance Household Insurance

You can insure - audio, TV and video equipment, household appliances, office equipment and other electronic equipment and electrical devices; - musical instruments, measuring and optical equipment; - household furnishing and interior items (furniture, lighting equipment, etc.); - collections, paintings, other artworks, unique and antique items and jewellery made from precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones and gems; - personal use items (clothing, footwear, dishware, etc.)…


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