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For Natural Persons

For Natural Persons

Change forms a part of our lives. With the passage of time, a number of life circumstances change: people study, start working, start a family, travel, purchase a house or an apartment, a car, etc.  But one thing remains unchanged - it is your wish to be confident about your future and that of your relatives and loved ones.

You realise that life events are often impossible to predict, and that certain threats to your well-being are impossible to predict. Insurance is a way to decrease the load of any financial consequences of certain unpredictable life events. We care for your future and that of your relatives and loved ones. We provide you with extra protection!

ERGO Joint Stock Insurance Company offers the following main types of insurance services for natural persons:

Страхование транспорта Motor Vehicle Insurance

  Even the most experienced driver cannot always be sure that he or she will reach the point of destination and will never experience any accident. Sometimes accidents can happen even as a result of a dispute between passengers or an attempt to change a tape in the stereo system while driving.   You should also bear in mind that there are a lot of inexperienced and careless drivers who may damage your vehicle. And in case of theft, burglary or falling trees you may lose your vehicle. We offer…


Страхование имущества Property Insurance

  You spend lots of energy and resources to create your home and make it a pleasant environment for yourself and your loved ones, but did you ever think that it may be destroyed in just a few minutes? A sudden storm may damage the roof of the building, a water leak from the apartment above yours may occur, or your home may be visited by burglars while you are away... Everyone attempts to protect his or her home from all risks, yet events such as storms, hail, lightning, floods, etc. are impossible…


Страхование здоровья Health Insurance

  Ice-crusted ground, incidents while skiing, a careless move of a player of the other basketball team, an urchin in a warm sea, etc. may damage your health, interfere with your usual life rhythm, or simply leave unpleasant memories about a trip. That's why it is advisable to think about the possible risks in advance and to take out insurance, which upon occurrence of an insured event will help you not only to avoid any financial costs but also to have some stability in case you suffer temporary…


Страхование расходов Foreign Travel Insurance

  Being late for the plane because road traffic accidents, loss of luggage at the airport or vase at a hotel shattered by negligence - no one is immune to all sorts of trouble when travelling abroad. Such unforeseen situations may lead to major expenses, not to mention kill the whole trip. In such cases, insurance against possible risks may serve as an adequate protection. No wonder in the European countries the standard insurance package for people going abroad is a routine practice for…


Страхование ответственности Liability Insurance


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