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Motor Vehicle Insurance


Please do the following:

  • take steps aimed at ensuring the safety of traffic at the site of the accident;
  • take reasonable and available steps aimed at reducing potential losses;
  • inform road police, police, fire brigades, state meteorological service (in case of proofing the existence of e.g. a storm) or other competent authorities about the accident as soon as possible (in case of travelling abroad - road police, etc.) and obtain a document certifying the fact of the accident.

Presentation of applications to the aforementioned authorities is not required in cases which led to the following:
- damage to the vehicle body glass elements, mirrors, external lamps and distance measuring sensors;
- damage caused by stones and other items to radiators and radiator pipes of the moving vehicle during the warranty period;  
- damage to the vehicle body elements, in case of which payout of insurance benefits is within the limits of 5 percent for the sum insured specified in the insurance contract (but no more than EUR 1,500 or the equivalent thereof in the relevant currency) per insured event.

  • if the person who was driving the vehicle is not guilty of the accident write down the details (surname, name, address and telephone number) of the person guilty of the accident, the details of his/her vehicle, the number and date of his/her civil liability insurance policy and the name and telephone numbers of the insurance company that issued the insurance policy.

Afterwards, contact the company that concluded the compulsory civil liability insurance contract with the person guilty of the accident by submitting a written application regarding compensation for damages and provide the damaged vehicle for inspection and damage assessment within five days. In cases where civil liability of the person guilty of the accident was not insured please contact the Belarusian Transport Insurance Bureau with a written application within five days;

  • in other cases inform our company as soon as possible about any damage to/loss of the vehicle or any additional equipment.  

The same must be done by the benefit recipient who found out about conclusion of an insurance contract for his/her benefit.

  • maintain the condition of the damaged property unchanged until the arrival of our company's representative after the accident;
  • commence repair of the vehicle only upon reaching an agreement with our company or our representative regarding the place of inspection, execution of an inspection deed and place of repair;
  • provide assistance to our company or our representative in the process of establishment of the circumstances of the accident, amount of damage and investigation of the claim to the person guilty of the accident;
  • contact our company by presenting a written application if in the process of repair works any hidden defects appear which were caused by the insured event and which were not documented in the initial vehicle inspection deed. In this case, the amount of additional damage will be established after a new inspection of the vehicle.

When contacting our company please provide all available documents in connection with the insured event, including the following:

  • an application regarding payout of insurance benefits (in free form);
  • the original (a copy of) the technical passport, certificate of state technical inspection and other vehicle documents;
  • the original (a copy of) the insurance policy;
  • documents issued by competent authorities proving the fact, reasons, and circumstances of occurrence of the insured event;
  • a document proving the fact of you contacting the company that concluded a compulsory civil liability insurance contract with the person guilty of the accident (in case you are not the person guilty of the accident);
  • the original documents proving payment for the transportation of the damaged vehicle from the place of the accident to the place of parking at charged parking lots, drawing up of calculations and communication services.

In case of vehicle theft please also provide the following:

  • original registration documents or other original documents proving the presence of the interest in the maintaining the vehicle under the relevant legislation or agreement;
  • full set of original keys to the main ignition of the insured vehicle;
  • full set of remote controls of the vehicle protection system and/or full set of keys for the mechanical system (if available). If such documents, keys and technical tools were confiscated by law enforcement or other authorities, a certification of confiscation must be presented.

In case of theft of the aforementioned documents, keys and technical tools of protection, a written explanation of the circumstances of the theft must be presented as well.

Please also provide our company or our representative with the vehicle or remaining parts thereof for inspection and any damaged parts, elements and accessories (except in cases where the vehicle or parts thereof were destroyed completely).

If the insured event occurred outside the Republic of Belarus, the issue of inspection of the vehicle and the conditions and place of repair works must be agreed with our company (or the organisation performing the functions of an emergency commissioner), except in cases of damage to glass elements of the vehicle body, mirrors and external lights.
If it is impossible or unreasonable to transport the damaged vehicle, photographing or video recording of the vehicle is allowed (you may do it yourself). The photographs (video) must reflect the identification details (number of the vehicle body and frame, number plate and colour) of the vehicle and the scope, nature and degree of damage.

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