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Motor Vehicle Insurance


Please do the following:

  • take steps aimed at ensuring the safety of traffic at the site of the accident;
  • take reasonable and available steps aimed at reducing potential losses;
  • inform competent authorities about the accident as soon as possible (road police, police, fire supervision authorities, in case of travelling abroad - road police, etc.) and obtain a document certifying the fact of the accident.

Contacting competent authorities is not necessary in case of damage to external lights, mirrors, windows and decorative elements of the vehicle body if the vehicle did not suffer any other damage subject to insurance benefits and in case of minor external damage to the vehicle not requiring replacement of any parts of the vehicle body;

  • inform our company or our representative in the relevant country as soon as possible by telephone and in writing about the accident with an indication of the place, reasons, circumstances and consequences of the accident (form of application concerning an insured event) ;
  • maintain the vehicles and any other lost or damaged property in the post-accident state until experts can inspect and certificate;
  • in case of vehicle theft, provide the technical passport and full set of original keys of the vehicle (except in cases of plunder or robbery);
  • agree with our company on the steps in connection with damage handling;  
  • provide the original invoices issued by the repair company that carried out the repair of the vehicle and its equipment. Please commence repair works only upon reaching an agreement with our company regarding your actions and place of repair works;
  • carry out repair works of the vehicle damaged abroad in the Republic of Belarus, except in cases where ERGO consents carrying out repair works abroad. The aforementioned consent is not required if the costs of vehicle repair do not exceed the equivalent of EUR 500 in the relevant foreign currency;
  • provide the repaired vehicle for inspection by our company or our representative.

When contacting our company please provide all available documents in connection with the insured event, including the following:

  • an ID document;
  • vehicle registration documents;
  • copies of the death certificate and the certificate regarding the right to inheritance verified by a notary (if the benefit recipients are the heirs of the insured person);
  • the insurance policy;
  • the original or a verified copy of the deed (certificate, protocol, another document) issued by road police, bodies of internal affairs, police (or other competent authorities) proving the fact of the accident;
  • documents proving the costs of handling of the insured event (receipts, invoices, etc.);

Furthermore, please provide the vehicle for inspection by our company or our representative within three days from the date of provision of the written notification.

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