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Construction All Risks Insurance


Should the insurance event occur, we would like to ask you:

  • to take measures of rationality in order to reduce or prevent already incurred or further losses;
  • to inform our company of the incident by filing a written statement of the event or sending a facsimile indicating the circumstances, possible causes and time of the event as well as character of damage (the original statement must be sent within three working days) as soon as possible (not later than within two working days);
  • immediately inform the appropriate authorities (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Control, etc.) of the event;
  • to preserve the damaged objects in the state they ended up after the event before the arrival of our company's representatives. The picture of loss can be altered only as required by security and damage size reduction;
  • to assist our company in investigating the causes and circumstances of the event and in obtaining the necessary documents and information;
  • should the losses occur through the fault of third parties, to take measures for the documentation of your rights in order to compensate the damage incurred upon those persons.
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