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Building Insurance


Please do the following:

  • take reasonable and available steps aimed at reducing potential losses as soon as possible. For that purpose, please follow the instructions given by representatives of our company;  
  • inform competent authorities as soon as possible (bodies of internal affairs, state fire inspection bodies, Emergency Control Ministry, emergency services, etc.);
  • inform our company as soon as possible by telephone and then by submitting an application (in free form) regarding payout of insurance benefits;  
  • maintain unchanged the damaged buildings until the arrival of our representative;
  • ensure our company an opportunity to carry out an inspection of the damaged buildings, to investigate the reasons for occurrence of the losses and to take part in actions aimed at reducing the losses and rescuing the property;
  • provide us with assistance in the appliance of the right of relief with regard to persons responsible for causing the damage;
  • provide our company's representative your insurance policy and documents issued by competent authorities.
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