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Financial Risk Insurance


When contacting our company please provide all available documents in connection with the insured event, including the following:

  • an application regarding the insured event (in free form);
  • the insurance policy;
  • documents in connection with the implementation of the transaction (agreements, deeds of acceptance and transfer of completed works/provided services, waybills documenting the date and scope of dispatch (receipt) of goods, documents proving transfer of payment for goods, etc.);
  • documents proving the taking of steps aimed at preventing or reducing potential losses by the insured (correspondence with the contractor in connection with any violations of insured obligations, the presented claims, etc.);
  • documents proving complete or partial non-receipt of goods, works, and services by the insured and the value of such goods, works and services (accounting data of the insured verified by the head of administration and chief accountant, etc.) or documents proving receipt by the insured of goods of improper quality or incompleteness (a deed with an indication of the inspected goods and of the nature of the established incompliance (defects), waybills, etc.) or documents proving non-receipt of payments under the relevant agreement and the amount of such non-received payments (extracts from the bank account verified by the relevant bank, etc.);
  • in case of bankruptcy of the insured's contractor: a copy of initiation of the bankruptcy proceedings with regard to the insured's contractor;
  • a court ruling concerning imposition of restrictions on the entrepreneurial activity of the insured who is an individual entrepreneur;
  • a letter from the insured's contractor with an explanation of the insured event;
  • correspondence from the insured with the contractor on the issue of receipt of documents proving insolvency of the latter as well as documents received from the contractor as a result of the correspondence;
  • other documents required for the establishment of the fact of occurrence of the insured event and of the amount of the losses incurred by the insured.
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