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Carrier's Liability Insurance


Please do the following:

  • take all reasonable and available steps aimed at reducing potential losses;
  • inform our company as soon as possible about the accident orally and then in writing by submitting a written application regarding payout of insurance benefits (in free form) ;
  • inform as soon as possible the relevant authorities (police, fire brigades, etc.) of the country where the accident took place about every instance of unlawful actions committed by third parties (robbery, burglary, etc.), and about every instance of traffic accidents and inflammation of the cargo or vehicle;
  • follow all instructions and recommendations given by our company or our representatives;
  • inform us as soon as possible about any presented claims/actions, protest against actions in accordance with the set procedure and provide our company with an opportunity to take part in the legal proceedings;
  • acknowledge and pay in accordance with a presented claim after consultations with our company;
  • assist us in the investigation of the reasons and circumstances of the insured event and in the obtaining of any required information/materials.
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