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Freight Forwarder's Civil Liability Insurance


When contacting our company please provide all available documents in connection with the insured event, including the following:

  • an application regarding the insured event (in free form);
  • the claim presented to you by the other party to the accident;
  • a copy of the forwarding agreement;
  • a calculation of losses claimed by the other party to the accident;
  • an explanation of the events;

as well as other documents depending on the nature of the accident:

  • a copy of the waybill;
  • a copy of the invoice;
  • the invoice for the damaged cargo;
  • a certificate by the emergency commissioner (if such a certificate is executed);
  • a protocol or certificate issued by road police in case of a road accident;
  • a certificate or protocol proving the fact of contacting the relevant authorities and opening of a criminal case in connection with theft, burglary and other unlawful actions;
  • any other documents proving the fact of occurrence of the insured event and the amount of damage incurred.
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