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Legal Entities' Property Insurance


Please do the following:

  • take reasonable and available steps aimed at reducing potential losses;
  • inform our company or our representative as soon as possible orally and then in writing about the accident with a description of the place and circumstances of occurrence thereof and with an indication of the foreseen amount of the damage;
  • inform competent authorities about the accident as soon as possible (police, fire brigades, meteorological service (in case of proofing the existence of e.g. a storm), emergency services, etc.);
  • maintain all insured property unchanged remaining after the insured event (whether damaged or not) in the condition it was after the insured event until the arrival of our company's representative. Any changes in the site of the accident for safety reasons and/or for reduction of the amount of damage may be done only upon reaching an agreement with our company;
  • provide our company with an opportunity to inspect the damaged property, to investigate the reasons and amount of losses and to participate in actions aimed at reducing the losses and rescuing the insured property;

When contacting our company please provide all available documents in connection with the insured event, including the following:

  • an application regarding payout of insurance benefits (in free form);
  • documents issued by competent authorities proving the fact and reason of occurrence of the event as a result of which damage was done (hydro meteorological or seismological services, fire brigades, bodies of internal affairs, public prosecutor's office, emergency services, housing department, etc.);
  • documents proving the amount of damage (lists, inventory-taking deeds, reconstruction estimates, calculations, deeds concerning completed works, etc.).
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