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Страхование от несчастных случаев

Accident Insurance


Insurance indemnities are paid in the currency of payment of the insurance premiums within three days from the moment of issuing of the relevant insured event deed.

Our company pays insurance indemnities in the following manners, taking into consideration the client's request:

  • transfer to the client's personal account or to a deposit account for the client's benefit;
  • postal order at the beneficiary's expense;
  • in cash.


Payment of insurance indemnities to under-aged persons is carried out only by transfer to a deposit account for his or her benefit with a relevant notification given to the parents, guardians or state bodies of guardianship.

In case the client suffers a temporary illness as a result of an insured event, he or she receives an insurance indemnity in the amount of 0.3 percent of the sum insured for every day of treatment. 

In case the client suffers a permanent illness (disability), he or she receives the following insurance indemnity, taking into account the sum insured:  

-  group I: 90 percent;

-  group II: 70 percent; 

-  group III: 50 percent. 

In case of death the beneficiary receives the entire amount of the sum insured less any insurance indemnities paid earlier.

In case of injuries which led to cosmetic defects of the face, additional payments are made in the amount of 10 to 30 percent of the sum insured regardless of the number of days of treatment prescribed by a medical expert. The amount of insurance indemnities is established based on the area of the suffered cosmetic defects of the face.   

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