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ERGO Insurance Group

ERGO Insurance Group


ERGO Insurance Company is part of the ERGO Insurance Group, which is one of the leading insurers on the direct insurance market in Europe.


Worldwide ERGO is represented by more than 70 insurance companies in over 30 countries, focussing on the regions of Europe and Asia. Over 50,000 people work full-time for the ERGO Group, either as salaried employees or as full-time self-employed sales representatives. More than 34 million customers currently place their trust in the services, expertise and security provided by the companies of the ERGO Insurance Group.


ERGO's equity amounted to approximately € 3.9 billion, while investments exceeded € 113 billion. The ERGO Insurance Group is the second largest insurer in Germany and the No. 1 in the health and legal expenses insurance segments in Europe. Standard&Poor's awarded the ERGO Insurance Group financial stability and credit rating A, with a forecast of "Stable."


ERGO Insurance Group site can be found here.

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