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Our Values

Our Values


ERGO is:



We are professionals in our field and we upgrade our skills permanently.

We set forth difficult aims, seek for the best solutions and never stop at what has been accomplished.

We act consciously, sequentially, responsibly, purposefully and resolutely.

We are initiative, competent, resourceful, attentive to our clients, colleagues and partners.



We set forth the ambitious objects, are guided by efficiency and result.

We take sequential decisions and execute the effectively.

We strive for high results, offer the insurance services of highest quality.



We all are ERGO.

We think and act as a united team for the sake of our common success. We are always ready to help each other.

The total result of the company is the result of the efforts of each employee.

We work in unity, trust each other, and consider the opinions of all team members, share information, knowledge and experience.



We are glad to communicate with clients, partners, colleagues.

We are open to new ideas, we effectively respond to the possibilities offered by the market.

We express our opinion openly, we are tolerant to views and beliefs of other people.

We work in an honest, fair, responsible and amicable way.

We act without organizational and national restrictions.



Vision of ERGO Belarus

ERGO is a company with a strong, recognizable brand

ERGO is a dynamic, stable, client- and result-oriented company

ERGO is a professional, goal-seeking, solidary staff which shares the principles and goals of the company and is result-motivated.


Purpose of ERGO Belarus


ERGO guarantees confidence, security and stability to its clients.

ERGO is a reliable partner and it improves the insurance culture in the society. ERGO protects the interests of its clients and partners and ensures the expectations of the shareholders and work collective.

ERGO employs professionals.

ERGO ensures the high-quality service standards in the field of insurance and acts in accordance with the client's needs.

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