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ERGO Joint Stock Insurance Company is the assignee of BASO Joint Stock Insurance Company registered with the Republic of Belarus State Insurance Control Agency on December 10, 1993.


ERGO Insurance Company is part of the ERGO Insurance Group , which is one of the leading insurers on the direct insurance market in Europe.


60 percent of ERGO JSC is controlled by Baltic insurers - ERGO Kindlustus (Estonia) and ERGO Lietuva (Lithuania) - and ERGO International AG (Germany).


Thanks to close cooperation with the ERGO Insurance Group, JSC ERGO Insurance Company stands out on the Belarusian insurance market with its high-quality insurance services for all groups of clients: the company offers integrated insurance coverage programmes for property-related interests of organisations and companies operating in different business areas, and a wide selection of insurance services for private clients.


In order to administer insured events outside the Republic of Belarus, JSC ERGO Insurance Company cooperates with professional surveyors with vast work experience and excellent reputations, which among others include Lars Krogius Group (Finland), AVUS Group (Austria), and TÜV German Control East-West (Germany). The companies that make up the ERGO Group in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Poland, and other European countries are also ready to assist ERGO clients who incur an insured event abroad. 


At present, ERGO has considerable potential on the country's insurance services market, and good human, financial, and administrative resources. The company is trusted by its clients, partners, and shareholders, has an excellent reputation, and is undergoing dynamic development in the insurance market.


In accordance with February 26, 2009 special permit (licence) No. 02200/ 13-00012 issued by the Finance Ministry of the Republic of Belarus granting the right to undertake insurance activities in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the company offers the following types of voluntary insurance:


- travel medical insurance;

- accident insurance;

- foreign travel insurance;

- private persons' building insurance;

- household insurance;

- private persons' motor vehicle insurance;

-legal persons' motor vehicle insurance;

- legal persons' property insurance;

- cargo insurance;

- financial risk insurance;

- borrowers' accident and sickness insurance;

- construction all risks insurance;

- road carrier's civil liability insurance (in accordance with the 1956 Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road [CMR]);

- freight forwarders' civil liability insurance;

- insurance of civil liability for damage due to undertaking professional activities;

- general third party liability insurance for natural persons;

- general third party liability insurance for legal entities.

The company's activity is based on the principle of maximum openness and attention to the needs of every client. In the context of fierce competition, we aim at ensuring high-quality customer care, flawless fulfilment of our obligations, and a flexible attitude towards every client.

Thanks to our knowledge acquired in the course of over 16 years of stable and successful activities on the Belarusian market, the vast experience of the European insurance companies forming part of the ERGO Group, a thorough analysis of the new technologies of the insurance business, and our active practical insurance activity, ERGO Joint Stock Insurance Company is a reliable partner for its clients and business partners in the field of voluntary insurance.


The company's reliability is ensured by the high financial stability of its shareholders (Standard&Poor's awarded the ERGO Insurance Group the financial stability and credit rating A, see, by our solvency thanks to the availability of a considerable amount of our own funds (reserves and equity capital), and the use of professional reinsurance programmes. Both leading foreign reinsurance companies and national insurance organisations act as our reinsurance partners.

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